Critic of “On the Urban Guerrilla”

Struggle Session posted 7 October 2019 an article with the heading “On the Urban Guerrilla”. This article – though interesting on some parts – have major weaknesses which can lead to serious mistakes if not corrected. The article starts with the following introduction: There is a lot of talk about the theory of People’s War, its […]

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Regarding the struggle between CPP and the gonzalites

I’ve read this reply: And it strikes me how gonzalites again fail to say anything regarding the condition of revolution and Protracted Peoples War (PPW). Mao wrote: “Does materialist dialectics exclude external causes? Not at all. It holds that external causes are the condition of change and internal causes are the basis of change, […]

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New economic crisis in 2019

The capitalist economy is a system ridden with cyclic crisis which happens regularly between 8-12 years. For many years the crisis were so small that you hardly could call it a crises. This has changed now, and this article will try to explain why the crisis were week for some years, and why it has […]

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