Critic of “On the Urban Guerrilla”

Struggle Session posted 7 October 2019 an article with the heading “On the Urban Guerrilla”. This article – though interesting on some parts – have major weaknesses which can lead to serious mistakes if not corrected. The article starts with the following introduction: There is a lot of talk about the theory of People’s War, its […]

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Regarding the struggle between CPP and the gonzalites

I’ve read this reply: And it strikes me how gonzalites again fail to say anything regarding the condition of revolution and Protracted Peoples War (PPW). Mao wrote: “Does materialist dialectics exclude external causes? Not at all. It holds that external causes are the condition of change and internal causes are the basis of change, […]

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Great Leader or Collective leadership?

The cult of the individual is a rotten carry-over from the long history of mankind. The cult of the individual is rooted not only in the exploiting classes but also in the small producers. As is well known, patriarchism is a product of small-producer economy… Mao: Updated 08.03.2019 – added a summary regarding “Jefatura” […]

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Gonzalo and ultra-left deviation

(This article has an Norwegian version) UPDATE January 15,2019: Struggle Sessions have made a reply on this article, which I again have commented. Kommunistiska Föreningen i Sverige (The Communist Association in Sweden) has translated and posted the following (original German) text: Correction January 3, 2019: I would like to clarify that the post was printed […]

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